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TheConspiracyNut (267 mins ago)

Did anyone else notice the alien dragon nibiru illuminati symbol hidden in the text? it's all SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES from Dick Cheney to kill the aliens who bring us hope. beware of the clouds.

TheRaceBaiter (102 mins ago)

Yo, why all the hate in this article? Why is the background WHITE? Do y'all have a problem wit BLACK?

TheAnnoyingSubscribee (72 mins ago)


TheJesusFreak (45 mins ago)

Jesus loves you!

TheSnottyAthiest (38 mins ago)

You all are such sheep. My god! Oh wait, there is no god! How can there be a loving god if there are WARS, huh? That's right. You retard sheep.

TheFilmCritic (20 mins ago)

Ugh, the original was so much better. Any article that doesn't have Oscar Wilde in it is worthless.

TheIdioticIllegalMovieSite (18 mins ago)

Just finished watching the FULL version of this at www . mo vie man a tee . com (Just remove the spaces!)

TheObamaNut (12 mins ago)

Obama is a racist muzlim who is trying to tax our healthcare and make it socialism go away leftwingers

TheLOLcat (8 mins ago)

@1:07 rotfl hez liek "wut"? LOL

TheShouter (7 mins ago)


TheChainMailer (5 mins ago)

Do not read this! If you say your mom's name 5 times, your crush's name 6 times, and your dog's name 11 times, and spin around and press F5, someone will kiss you next Monday.

TheAdoringFan (2 mins ago)

wow how long did it take to make this article? this is so amazing! 5*

You (1 min ago)



Added January 1st 2010


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